VU Space Day

Future of Space


Jolanda Preusterink

The best memories I have from being a primary school teacher come from my astronomy lessons. Even young children are inspired and curious about the stars, the moon, and the universe. They have that intriguing capability to look up to the stars and just wonder... And as they are experiencing the magic, it ignites their fantasy and curiosity. I made it my mission to teach them as much as possible about the solar system, because I think it is very important (and should be adapted in the curriculum!).

For more than ten years I have organized annual projects about space exploration, science, nature, and technical innovations. To adapt to all new future innovations I'm convinced you need to use all your senses, so I like to use art, music, and movement/dance. By just sharing my fascination for life and the universe with passion, I reached and inspired a lot of kids to hopefully make them choose a study in a related direction and stimulating more girls to go into the technological sector!

When astronaut André Kuipers’ mission started, I followed the program with an astronaut team and I was in close contact with two commercial Space pioneers: Mars One and SXC/XCOR. For my work I was honored with a candidate-astronaut training in the Desdemona facility in Soesterberg. Now I promote the Moonvillage and Mars base concepts among the youth – to always keep exploring for the benefit of a better world. From the bottom up!

Sharing space is creating space.