VU Space Day

Future of Space


What is VU Space Day?

The VU Space Day is a small space related symposium for students, organized by students. This year the Space Day focuses on the future of space exploration and what role the undergraduate and graduate students of different studies can take on to participate in this. Space exploration is still a hot topic amongst students in a very broad range of subjects, but the job offers in the space sector are often unclear or seemingly unreachable. The VU Space Day will not only give an impression of possible career options while working in the space sector, but it will also provide insights in study tracks and traineeships, as well as a networking event with the speakers at the end of the day.

In collaboration with ESA/ESTEC, VU, and world leading experts in the fields of astrobiology, astrophysics, space engineering, and mission simulations, a full day programme is planned to take place on the 14th of November 2018. The exact program will be published later and can then be found on this site.

Speakers  include:

- Ewine van Dishoeck

- Bernard Foing

- Wim van Westrenen

- Carmen Felix

-Håkan Svedhem

- Anna Sitnikova

- Jerre Sweers

- Peter Paszto

- Rob van den Berg

- Jolanda Preusterink

- Anniek Gloudemans